Shillong peak:

It is the highest point in Meghalaya from which one can enjoy panoramic views of Shillong below.

Shillong Cathedral:

Built by the first Catholic missionaries to these hills, the Salvatorians from Germany (of the Society of the Divine Saviour), it was the first Catholic Cathedral Church in what was then the Mission of Assam. 

Umiam lake:

While going from Guwahati to Shillong, Umiam lake welcomes you just before entering the Scotland of the east Shillong. It is actually a manmade lake created by damming the Umiam river in the early 1960s. The lake serves as a major tourist attraction for the state of Meghalaya. It is also a popular destination for water sports like kayaking and boating.

About the attractions:

Nohkalikai falls:

Nohkalikai falls in Cherapunjee or Sohra is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Below the falls a pool of water has formed with unusual green colored water.


Mawlynnong village:

Famous as the cleanest village in Asia, it is situated near the Bangladesh border about 3 hrs drive from Cherapunjee. Traditional little huts, manicured gardens, a community church, this village looks like a picture perfect story.  

Elephant falls:

Elephant Falls was the British name of what the local Khasi people once referred to as Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew (or "Three Steps Waterfalls") since the falls actually consists of three sections in succession. The British renamed the falls because there used to be a rock resembling an elephant near the left side of the main falls. However, that rock was destroyed in an earthquake back in 1897.

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Ward’s lake, Shillong:

Known locally as Nan-Polok. It is an artificial lake with garden and boating facilities. The lake is named after the then Chief Commissioner of Assam, Sir William Ward, who started the plan for the establishment of this lake.

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Kamakhya Temple:

Kamakhya devi temple is situated on the Nilachal parvat in Guwahati. It is one of the 51 Shakti Pithas of India and an important pilgrimage destination especially for Tantric worshippers.

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Nohsngithiang falls:

These waterfalls are also known as the Seven Sisters falls or Mawsmai Falls. The water falls from a height of 315 metres (1,033 ft) and has an average width of 70 metres (230 ft) making it one of the tallest waterfalls in India. During monsoons these waterfalls can be enjoyed in their full majestic beauty.

Mawsmai caves:

These  limestone caves are magnificent natural wonders which have been created by thousands of years of natural abrasion and underground water giving rise to stalactites and stalagmites of innumerable forms, shapes and sizes. These caves are lit enough to enable tourists to go inside and enjoy the natural formations.

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Living root bridge:

It is a unique manmade natural wonder. In this traditional way of building small bridges over streams, the tender roots of banyan tree are woven together and left to grow and become enough strong to act as passage for people over small streams.