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Hornbill Festival 2017, Nagaland tour package

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland
01st to 10th December, 2017​

Named after the State bird of Nagaland, Hornbill festival is now one of India's most popular festivals. Apart from traditional music, Danced and sports it also features adventure sports like mountain biking, cycling etc. One of the most popular events is the Rock Concert which features local, national and international bands.

Visitors can also take their taste buds on an adventure by tasting local food and drinks. Challenge yourself by trying the hottest chilli 'Ghost Pepper' locally known as 'Bhut Jolokia' or 'Naga Jolokia'. Traditional handmade clothes, jewellery, decoratives and many other things are on display ans sale.

Sangai Festival, Manipur

Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu 

13th to 15th April, 2017 Assam

Rongali Bihu celebrates the onset of spring. Girls and boys adorn themselves with colourful traditional attire and dance to the rhythm of dhols(traditional drums) and bihu songs. People also prepare sweets and snacks and visit friends and families wishing happiness in their lives.

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