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​The impeccable natural beauty and undulating geography of North East India provides a playground for the Adventure Tour enthusiast. Enjoy trekking, cycling, hiking, biking etc. in the hills and valleys of North East India witnessing the serene surroundings, wildlife and lives of the people inhabiting them.

Trekking in Pemako
DURATION: 23 days / 22 nights                                                                                     

SEASON: August to October/ February to April

​Pemako or the Lotus land, according to Buddhist tradition is one of the 16 earthly paradises, a promised land free of worry and a place where  humanity will thrive when the world comes to an end.  This scared trek would pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes starting from paddy fields to high ridge mountains with breathtaking views. You will also visit the beautiful sacred lakes of Danakosha and the sacred temple of Dewakota. It is believed that visiting this place cleanses your soul and purifies you.


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Trekking in Western Arunachal 
DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights                                                                  DIFFICULTY: ****  
SEASON: September & October/ February to April

This trek would take you to some of the most breathtaking sights of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a trekkers delight traveling in some of the most remote and pristine areas.  You will have great view of the Himalayas and enjoy every bit of the trek.


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kaziranga tours

Adventure tour and trekking in northeast india

Cycling in Rural Assam
DURATION: 10 days / 09 nights                                                                                      DIFFICULTY: ***   SEASON: October to April

​Paddle your way across Assam through the paddy fields, tea gardens, rain forests and villages. You can live the life of a tea planter and see wildlife roaming freely in its natural habitat and visit villages and be welcomed into their homes. This unique itinerary offers the perfect combination of activity, wildlife, sightseeing and culture.  

Trekking in Meghalaya
DURATION: 04 days / 03 nights                                                                                   DIFFICULTY: ***     
SEASON: All year

This is a soft trek in Meghalaya, the abode of the clouds.  One would be with nature trekking on this trail and would get ample opportunity to interest with the locals on the way. You would walk through some very beautiful spots with stunning views.